#1 Most hospitable company in Maastricht

Wow! In november 2016 we won the award for most hospitable company in Maastricht. We are so proud to have won this award and we will continue with our approach, making sure everyone enjoys their visit to SAP!

#1 Best sandwich in The Netherlands

Awesome! In the same month of 2016 we also won the award for the best sandwich in The Netherlands! The winning sandwich was our BlTCH bagel (Bacon, lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Ham). Try it out for your self!


Our bagels are the real deal! Nowhere else in the city can you get the traditional New York style bagels. Little bit crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

Every bagel order is baked off on the spot, so they are nice and warm.

Besides the “plain” flavors like sesame and natural, we also offer more unusual ones. How about a bagel made with sundried tomato or spinach and olive? Yummy!


SAP offers super fresh and healthy juices that brighten your day. Our juices are made by slowly grinding fruit and vegetables, extracting all the vitamins, nutrients AND flavors that explode in your mouth.

We work closely with food experts to balance the ingredients of our juices and also offer a DETOX line which are carefully blended by the orthomolecular nutritionists from Leny Mathiz and Innerfresh.

Coffee & Tea

Our espresso beans are: strong flavored, fair trade, organic farmed and of course extreme delicious.


Not into bagels? We offer super fresh and richly filled salads.


Got a sweet tooth? Try some of our delicious pastries like the XXL muffins….


Most of our spreads and sauces are home made, so they are free from preservatives and other E-number junk.


We love local products and try to use them whenever we can.



Besides our awesome meat bagels, we also offer a great variety of vegan bagels.

Stationsstraat 8, 6221BP
Maastricht, The Netherlands

Markt 15, 6211CJ (soon)
Maastricht, The Netherlands

Voorstad 9, 6131CP 
Sittard, The Netherlands


Daily open from 09:00-17:00


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